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Hi folks I am now on 12.5mg Pred and about to go on holiday to Majorca for two weeks. I have decided to continue on this regime until I return although my G.P. Advised dropping to 10mg.

Can anyone tell me if my facial hair growth will slow down with the Pred reduction? Or once you have it will you always have it? I am also on a low carb diet to help combat the weight gain! Any tips of holiday food to eat would be gratefully received.

Thank you all for a great Forum.

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It should eventually slow but at what dose is difficult to tell. I didn't have a problem with prednisolone, just slight peach fluff that wasn't particularly noticeable. When I was switched to Medrol I sported a dark thick beard, albeit it fine hairs, and when I was switched again (that wasn't the only nasty side effect with Medrol) the beard growth started to weaken even at 15mg and was gone by soon after 10mg. So yes - it should go sooner or later, you won't be the bearded lady forever! I used my Braun epilator - worked brilliantly even if it was a bit nippy!

You are so right NOT to reduce when facing travelling and airports! And I'd say to take it slowly in the way to 10mg even if you go 2,5mg at a time - PMR isn't a chest infection, 5 or 2.5mg drops may work then, they don't always in PMR and anyway, we are all different.

Have a lovely holiday and I hope the weather is kind! Can't advise on food - don't know anything about Spanish food, Italian is my speciality since I live here ;-) But even if you are on low carb like me - a half portion of a special during the holiday won't make you double in weight! I don't reject gelato or the very occasional pizza!


When I go on holiday I take a plentiful supply of pred with me in case I happen to suffer a flare. It hasn't happened yet. I think you should be able to get fish based dishes quite easily in Majorca. Look out for grilled sardines with garlic. Delicious! Omelettes can get a bit boring and Spanish omelettes contain potatoes which would conflict with your low carb regime - but once in a while? And then there are tapas! You can pick and choose anything that takes your fancy and suits your diet. I'm having a week in Palma in June and as a fish-eating veggie, I am looking forward to those sardines.



Would agree with Annodomini go for the fresh fish. And salads aplenty. Spent two week on Spanish mainland last year, not far from Marbella/Porto Banus area. Oodles of restaurants and menus to chose from, the best meal I had was seared tuna steak, absolutely delicious! Looking forward to re-acquainting my tastebuds next month when I go back. Have fun, enjoy the sun and eat well! And stay on present dosage, what difference does a couple of weeks make? DL


Don't forget the sun screen pred makes skin sensitive maybe up a level


Thank you all so much and I had forgotten all about the sunscreen so on my list now for tomorrow.

Looking forward to the sardines and tuna too! XX


Definitely don't decrease before your hols, packing, travelling, exploring your resort will take its toll, plus you want the energy to enjoy yourself and have the energy to relax if that makes sense!

Plan your stay, at least to some degree and don't take on too much, if that means skipping a day trip or night out, so be it! better enjoy your time and return relaxed rather than exhausted or risk a flare whilst away.

I was very lucky recently to get some brief but personal advice from a high profile dietician who advised upping my protein consumption significantly, so go for those great fresh seafood options with salads, grilled peppers etc. if you have a sensitive stomach from the pred beware of the spicy dishes "patatas bravas" etc that may aggravate this.

Enjoy your hols, don't worry too much about a few extra carbs, it's only a couple of weeks and won't change things for you permanently! A little overindulgence is what holidays are about!


Interested to read about sunscreen and Pred. I arrived in Malta a couple of days ago and sat in the sun only to now have turned rather red!


Um - pred or not, it may only be April but the sun here now is stronger than high summer in the UK - and I live in northern Italy not south of the south as Malta is! Tsk-tsk!!!!!


Definitely too relaxed. I have learned the hard way. Now back in chilly UK! I will be more sensible in my old age!!


I agree....... Don't try and reduce Pred. until home again and settled. Travel is tiring and you will be doing different things that need energy. Try and avoid the carbs....breakfast can be the worst for this In a hotel (buffet breads, cakes and biscuits look so delicious). Eat the eggs/ bacon or ham/ cheese and then cut up some fruit - takes ages to eat in small pieces. Good if partner is tucking in to all sorts.

Lunch and dinner go for bar be que fish/ meat veg and salad, or similar - try and avoid pud. If too hard, limit treats to one a day. Watch out for beer, lager or cocktails....most ful of calories / sugar. Gin with lemon and soda, vodka and lime with soda give you a long drink...sometimes I just go for soda or a glass of sparkling water. Try not to have alcohol until evening as that limits the calories.

On the hair subject...... Visit the chemist in Spain or a large supermarket. They seem to sell better facial hair removal creams than here. I stock up when I go to make sure I have have enough until my next visit! ( remember not to be brought back in hand luggage though)

Enjoy your Hol........have you informed your ins co you have Pmr? Best to do so


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