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Vit d3

Hi all. Just wondering if i should top up Vit d levels with cod liver oil capsules? I bought and took one today as the pharmacist said it was okay but, I was reading up on it and although GP had given me vitD 1.5mg 800 iu twice daily apparently is not enough. Any words to wise? Should or should I not top up, and should I ask doc for a blood test to check levels.

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I take 5,000IU/day in winter. That is perfectly safe.

You should really have the level checked - to see if you are very low as then you will need more supplement.

You are better to get vit D only tablets from the chemist - Boots and Holland and Barrett both sell 1,000IU tablets for very reasonable prices. Cod liver oil has both vit D and vit A and it is easy to overdose on vit A. I haven't found capsules that didn't taste disgusting so I far prefer plain white little tablets!


Thanks for reply pmrpro. I will speak to GP but one cod liver oil capsule daily should be okay ,or perhaps every other day. I will let you know if GP increases dose of vitD or if she checks bloods to find level.


I am going to have an annual infusion of zolendronic acid (instead of the weekly alendronic). When the consultant was arranging this before Christmas he noticed that my Vit D levels were extremely low (not sure why this was noticed earlier!) so I was put on a booster dose of Vit D. I have been taking 1 capsule (40,000u) per week for past 5 weeks with 2 more to go. I am hoping that these have done the trick by 4 March which is the date for the infusion. I shall find out when I have a blood test after the last capsule.

Immediately after Christmas I caught a virus which only lasted a week. When it went I was left exhausted and slept for most of the first two weeks of January! I am feeling much better although pacing myself more than I have ever done as I don't want to sleep through the rest of the year :) I now wonder if the exhaustion was caused by the lack of VitD!


Hi penny. I have to say that since taking vitD I have felt much better in myself. Still getting tired and breathless and head sweats but all in all, much better. Thanks for reply.


I take 2200 iu Vit D3 daily when the clocks go back and stop when they go forward - just taking the odd dose in between if I'm aware my skin has not had much sunlight on it (that is skin not covered in face cream and/or suntan lotion). I also have a diet rich in calcium and take a small supplement too......

Hope this helps?


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