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Just want to give a heartfelt thank you to PMR Pro, Purplecrow et al for their recommendation to forum members to try the Bowen technique.

Slowly but surely it seems to be having an effect on my PMR and Fibromyalgia and other related issues I have. With all my medication and some Bowen, I am beginning to have some hope that their may be light at the end of the tunnel.

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I'm so glad - I have struggled with recommending it for a few years but I'm so glad i did as you are at least the 4th person to have benefited. Overnight miracle it may not be for a chronic condition. I just wish it were available on the NHS. One area is trying it.

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Way more than 4 people have benefited, PMRpro. Count me in. When the dust settled in around Oct. I was barely OK at 9 mg. I am now at 7.5 mg. using your method. My doctor is fine with your method. I tried for 6.75 mg., (a 10% reduction) but no go. This is not a problem. As you have explained to me (and so have the doctors) I still have the underlying diseases. I'll wait a couple of months and try again. Every mg. by which I can reduce helps with my (now) pre diabetes. (It used to be diabetes.) Who knows what else taking less Prednisone staves off. Thank you!


That's lovely news, and I always think when you try something "alternative" and it helps you, it somehow really empowers you, and makes you feel stronger and ready to face the days ahead. Well done keep it up.

All of us should be open to look into other options, don't let anyone tell you alternative medicine can't help you, it might!

Keep fighting everyone, and best advice . . Keep smiling. . . X x


I have been using Bowen therapy throughout this journey, and before it. Whenever I find I am having trouble sleeping I book a session and instantly am back to a normal night's sleep. Bliss!


Full credit to this Forum for my first intro to Bowen Therapy.

Having reduced to 6mg pred, I found that PMR does not "play by the rules", eg. sit quietly while I have a life. I often have muscle aches and pains that need addressing, but for which I am unwilling to add more pred,.. Frankly, I was desperate for non-drug relief.

...Drumroll! Enter Bowen Therapy!

This gentle technique has helped me improve my quality of life while living the "Circus of PMR " . I sleep better. I hurt less. I have more energy. My mood is better, even in our cloudy months, and I just feel better.

I had 4 initial sessions, and monthly follow-up sessions as I need.

I have found much relief, both emotional and physical, from this gentle intervention. Yes, I still have very little tolerance of stress, and I still have muscle pain, but I have a sense of participating in my own health care, and dammit! I'm in charge!

All said, at 4 am, I think I shall go back to bed now.


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