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Bowen Technique


Hi All

Has anyone used a Bowen Practitioner not so much for PMR but for general aches and pains, but, it would be good if it helped the PMR. Did you find it beneficial and worth going? I have read up about Bowen Tech and it seems a little gentle to do much but if it works I would like to try it. Please could you give me your opinions on how well it worked for you. Would be very grateful. Thanks Take care Angie xxx

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Hi Saffron52, I had only one session (which everyone who supports the therapy will tell you, is not a fair evaluation), but I know me and I knew after one session that it wasn't for me. Try it... it may be just what you need! : )

Link to my post about Bowen>>>>

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer


The only way to find out is to try, and within 2 or 3 sessions you should know.

Some swear by it, but personally, like mamici1, I found it did nothing for me. I gave it a good try - 4 or maybe 5 sessions. Very relaxing at the time, but no significant longer term pain relief for me - and quite expensive. I can get a good massage for half the price elsewhere.

As the saying goes- ‘you pays your money and takes your choice’


Yes I found it beneficial dealing with anxiety issues caused by Pred and also pain

would defiantly go again if I needed to.

Hi Saffron52 3 sessions I had and it was nice to have someone to really listening but it did not help with my complaints. What do you want and expect. To rebalance the energy chigong gives me much more, I practice at home everyday and feel what it does for me. lAbove all, it is free. I had some knowledge from doing taichi for years so starting in a group to learn the basics won, t do you harm. But we are all different. Good luck.

Thank you so much all will give it some thought. I did have a lovely lady who not only gave me a fantastic massage just light and gentle, but, more importantly listened to me moaning! She had to give up to look after her very poorly mum, also my hairdresser who was really good and did listen to me how I wanted my hair has left our local shop - oh sugar! Take care Angie xxx

Yes. I've been going to my Bowen practitioner for about 3 years. I needed help with back pain, not really to do with PMR. One day I arrived hardly able to walk and two days later after she had performed 'piriformis technique' I was walking normally. I still go to her for maintenance every couple of months. I can't swear it will help you, only tell you it is worth trying. Good luck.

saffron52 in reply to Annodomini

Thank you so much for your reply I am thinking my way round it all. It might just be what I need at the moment. Take care Angie xxx


I used it for the 5 years I had PMR without pred. It didn't sort the PMR at all BUT (and it is a big but) it DID help the myofascial pain syndrome problems I have which are so often a part and parcel of the whole picture. MPS is caused by the same inflammatory substances as PMR except they are localised in muscles. Piriformis syndrome and shoulder problems are also helped by Bowen if you have a good practitioner - I have one here where I live in Italy too but she is a bit airy-fairy rather than downright practical like the 2 ladies I saw in the NE of England. They kept me upright and functioning despite PMR for 5 years!

jinasc on here also found Bowen good. She had been stuck in bed, using a zimmer to get to the bathroom for weeks. I had nagged her for ages and eventually she went to shut me up. A friend drove her to the apt and parked at the door. jinasc hobbled from the car to the room with the friend on one side and her walking stick on the other. After an hour or so treatment she walked back to the car unaided - and then realised she had left her stick behind! She now has sessions about every 6 months plus emergency ones when required.

As the others have said, it isn't for everyone and watch out for price - some I've heard are daylight robbery. About £100 for 3 sessions was the going reasonable rate about 2 years ago. If it hasn't helped in 3 sessions it probably won't - although some people have said they find it as good as a massage for relaxation for about the same price so continue to go.

jinasc in reply to PMRpro

Yes I did and it keeps me out of using the wheelchair and zimmer frame.

Also Pat who is a member of a support group, whose grandson is on the Austic spectrum, decided after talking to Joanna, to try it.................Pat and the parents cannot believe the difference it is making.

BTW - Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia .... Clifford G. Jones - Post Graduate training for Bowen Therapists - United Kingdom ... just put Tom Bowen Technique in your search engine and you can also read up on Tom Bowen himself.

saffron52 in reply to jinasc

Thanks jinasc Angie xxx

I went to one three times and it was a total waste of money in my case although others do find it helps.

I don't know if I had an over enthusiastic practitioner but mine hurt 😒 Friends have had great results from her but it's not for me. I think you've got to try it for curiosity's sake?!!!!!??

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Angiejnz

Most of the moves never hurt me as such - although when it was somewhere that was tight/in spasm I was very aware of it. There was one advanced move that ALWAYS was very uncomfortable - but the muscles were always tight. And with the PMR, when she did anything on the back of my legs, about achilles sort of area, it was a really strange feeling that was almost painful. But I had the same feeling when the chiropodist held that area too.

Strange things bodies. And even stranger when they have PMR...

My body was strange before this, it's just plain weird now....or maybe that applies to me full stop???

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Angiejnz

Who knows!!

I used to be quick witted and known for my repartee but alas I can only be slightly humourous if given time to think. By the time I've found the words I want and arranged them in a sentence, it's old news and not remotely funny. I think my IQ has halved since being diagnosed and taking pred so you are definitely not alone.

Singr in reply to Angiejnz

I so relate to what you are saying. Its like comedy in slow motion. Everybody moved on by the time it catches up.

My experience of Bowen therapy was good. Although the specific therapy did nothing to interfere with the trajectory of my PMR disorder, I left each session with a feeling of relaxation and well-being. I suspect other types of gentle massage would yield similar effects.

My opinion of Bowen and most other "comfort" / "alternative" treatments is that they all have a place in our wholistic health management.

Kind regards, Jerri

Dx: PMR, 2013, currently on 6 mg pred.

I tried 6 sessions of Bowen therapy and whilst it was very relaxing it didn’t provide any relief from the upper back pain I was having near my shoulder blades. Recently I have found a therapist who offers myofascial release treatment, which has also been discussed on this forum. To my surprise and delight, this has proved to be really helpful in relieving the pain and I have been able to reduce the use of painkillers as a result. I think I’ve had about 6 sessions now and am working towards having a monthly treatment for maintenance. It costs £40 for one hour session.

Hope this helps.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to linda49

I think I was lucky because my Bowen practitioners were particularly well trained and what they did did have an effect similar to myofascial release - now it is the hospital physio who provides a similar result.

linda49 in reply to PMRpro

Luck does seem to have quite a big part to play in finding the right practitioner!!

Bowen therapy doesn't work for everyone but has helped me cope with the physical and mental effects of PMR for the last 3 years. I'm lucky to have found a local, knowledgeable and non airy-fairy therapist who listens, asks the right questions and tells me exactly why and what she is doing (because I like to know!) I had 3 sessions as a starter, and go back for MOTs every six months or so. Recently I was in a right state with back, shoulder and arm pain and IBS gut issues, felt grim, she listened and worked away for an hour on all 3 areas. The shoulder/arm pain increased that night and by morning was relieved as were the other two areas. I was so thankful. Can only tell it as it is for me.

Yes I think I will give it a go it is does not help well what the hell, if it does result! I had acupuncture a couple of years ago and it was amazing for my back, while my neighbour it did nothing for him at all and he had many more sessions than me. I have a practitioner registered for Bowen only about 4 miles away from me so will book a session and get back to you all.

Angiejnz I know exactly what you mean about brain fog, when I wrote the original post I wanted to say my lady who did aromatherapy massage could I think of the word aromatherapy it came to me about 12 hours later! No good at all for quick witted repartee everyone has left the room by the time I have remembered what to say.

A great big thank you to everyone who replied and I am definitely going to book tomorrow for a session. Take care Angie xxxxx

I hope it works for you saffron as well as it does for me. My first Bowen therapist was very good but has now moved to Monaco (lucky lady). The therapist I have now is as good but a bit firmer in her technique. Bowen helps my knees (not necessarily caused by pmr) and also my back and shoulders. She has a theory about my neck and shoulders being out of alignment and is working on those She is also working on my calves which give me a lot of pain when walking uphill. Whatever else she does it is the relaxation for that hour that is totally worth it, as well as all the other benefits.

Thanks for that I am looking forward to booking my appt. Take Care Angie xxx

I had one session but unfortunately practitioner was new to this method. Didn't go back. Found a massage therapist who treats me gently because of the pmr. Give it a try. It may help. Good luck.

Hi Angie , i was a bowen therapist , I still do some but mostly just on family now , i was always amazed at the remarkable results achieved with this treatment , give it a go with a positive outlook , some folks it just doesnt suit , but i never found that , make sure who ever you go to is adequately trained , letis know how you go , best wishes , Angeline 🌹

Thank you I am definitely going to give it a try. Take Care Angie xxx

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