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Kate Gilbert's book- Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis: a survival guide

I have almost finished reading Kate's book . It is an EXCELLENT resource for PMR and GCA ! I especially like that it is in an easy to read format and answers most all of your questions about these two diseases. The only "fault" I could find is that I live in the States and my vocabulary differs in a couple of minor ways ( even though I am a Registered Nurse ) ,for example, I had no idea how much weight a "stone" is, and when Kate talked about taking Paracetamol for pain, I had to look it up to see that it is just Acetaminophen (Tylenol).

I would highly recommend this book for anyone ! In fact, I plan to purchase one for my Rheumatology Physician !

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Hi Stormy87 .. I agree with you that Kate Gilberts book is excellent ..its the Best Book that I have read in 10 years with PMR and it will be coming away with me in my suitcase when I go away next week .. Its so informative and such a nice print .. I'm not inclined to show it to my Rheumatologist as I think he is probably aware of it but I did show it to my GP last week and the only reply I got was hmm ..( not very positive ). I find every time I read it I learn something new .. Thank you Kate for making it easy reading and best wishes to you over there in the States.. Obviously you haven't got a good Rheumy ..I'm lucky mine is caring but I'm not a straightforward PMR patient with lots of hurdles on the way but he hasn't given up on me Yet. Best wishes. trish29


Hi stormy. I too have just read Kate's book and as you say, it's very informative and easy to read. I was just diagnosed with pmr/gca 3 weeks ago and am on 20mg preds. As of up to now , I feel great in the morning but by lunch I'm flagging. Regarding weight there are 14 lbs to a stone which is approx 6 kilos.


Thanks for this feedback. I must make a note of that. A stone is 14 pounds by the way!

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The book is excellent! I showed it to my rheumatologist and he spent a while looking through it. Then he said: Yeah, that looks good. I reckon, for a rheumie, that was quite positive!


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