Ibondrate acid

Does anyone have experience of this stuff (hope I have spelt it right) my rheumy is adamant I need to take something (I won't take AA) on account of I have evidence of osteoporosis and osteopenia. I did take AA for 18months when I was first put onto steroids but stopped when I developed thigh pains.(needless to say the rheumy went barmy) I have read somewhere on here re Dexa scans as to whether they all produce the same results? does it depend who does it and whether it is NHS or private. Wendy

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  • According to one site I looked at Ibandronate acid (Boniva) is contra-indicated where patients are already on Pred. Apart from that it appears to be much the same as AA.

    Yes - all DEXA scans should be done on the same machine (but I wonder how often this happens) as different machines will vary so that results cannot be used for comparison.

  • There was a trial done on post menopausal women with inflammatory rheumatic diseases who were on 5-15mg of pred and it came out pretty well against a placebo. I should imagine ibandronate acid will have side effects similar to AA.

  • Nothing to do with private or NHS - to COMPARE scans it must be on the same machine but every scan provides a sensible reference point as to bone density. I've had two scans, both essentially the same result although on different machines. All it means is that each is the "starting point" - you can still see if there is a problem. What are NOT worth the paper they are printed on are results from the small machines in Boots or Asda or at these touring money-maker "health reviews" which look at the heel - they produce rubbish.

    Ibondronate acid is still a bisphosphonate I think - so there is a chance of the same sort of side effects.

  • PMRGCAuk

    Has just published there Newsletter, in that magazine there is a two page article on biosphonates and Alendronic Acid. It is worth reading as it is all explained in laymans language.

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