Doublebase cream

I have been looking on line for doublebase cream, and come across doublebase gell, is this as good ? My skin is getting so bad it's become paper thin, and I'm bleeding at the slightest knock. I may have to resort to a boiler suit to do my housework.!!

My skin did get better, and less dry whilst using oestrogen for a gyny problem, but had to stop them due to side effects.

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  • Yes, it's the right one - looks like a cream but is technically a gel. I seem to use it by the gallon!

  • Thanks for you reply, I am going into town tomorrow, can I get this in Boots.

  • That's where I get mine, but most of the big drugstore-type shops seem to have it.

  • Thank you. I will give it a try.

  • Doublebase Gel - yes, I think that's what I meant. Sorry if I misled you. It's done my elderly sun-damaged skin the world of good.

  • Bowler

    I've used Doublebase Gel for years now finding it excellent for my steroid-thinned skin after it being recommended initially for the dry skin on the soles of my feet by a podiatrist. It's also available as a shower wash, and on prescription.

  • Thank you Celtic.

    I must do something, as my arms are in a terrible mess. The legs are not too bad as I usually wear trousers, but even they dont always protect my skin.

    I will also get the shower wash.

    I will get it tomorrow, but may mention it to my Dr. when I next have to go to the surgery, perhaps he will give it to me on prescription ?

  • Bowler

    If you show the Dr the damage to your arms from easy injuring due to the steroid-thinned skin, hopefully he will be happy to help by prescribing Doublebase. You may not need the shower wash as well - you can use the ordinary Doublebase Gel before, during and after the shower. Be extra careful not to slip though! Thankfully skin does return to normal when off the steroids - improvement can be seen even on the very low doses.

  • I have been on a high dose of Pred. due to a recent flare, so that hasn't helped. I could try my GP, but it's a weeks wait for an app. and I need to take it with me on holiday this Sat.

    I'm only going to Cornwall, so no doubt I will need long sleeve's anyway !!! But I will ask / mention it to my Dr when I next go.



  • Your doctor can prescribe this for you.I get my cream off mine

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