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Gel/cream for arthritis


I seem to remember a while ago someone recommending a gel for arthritic joints and I now can’t find it anywhere. Can someone please remind me the brand?

I just want to give it a try on my knees which are still causing me problems. I’ve been told after X-ray I don’t have OA but the discomfort in my knees isn’t being helped by prednisolone (currently on 8/7mg), hydroxychloroquine or leflunomide! A great cocktail so before I stop taking the latter two I thought I’d try the gel and see if it benefits me. It’s all a process of elimination and trail and error for me.

Thanks for any help.

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Do you Flexiseq? The one without any drugs, in it?

Lochy in reply to Hidden

That rings a bell. I remember someone saying it was quite expensive. I want to ask my pharmacist for advice and one without any drugs in it does make sense considering all the drugs I’m already taking.

Hidden in reply to Lochy

One of the Guys recommended it.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

As MrsNails says - Flexiseq - but shop around for it - it’s expensive.

Thanks ladies I’ll give it a go. Will report back if it makes any difference.

I think it is Flexiseq as recommended by Janasc. My husband in particular found this very good for his back pain. I got it on-line from that well known company that always pops up first.

jinasc in reply to SheffieldJane

Bio Mechanical gel, developed by ARC with a company in Germany.

Works like WD40. Been using it now for about 4 years - could be longer as at that time you could only get it direct from Arc or Lloyds as they placed an extra charge of £3 to go towards further research.

I have bone on bone in one knee and the other is on the way. Op not possible and as it keeps me pain free and able to get around..............

It is supposed to be for knees only, but it works on hands and other joints, we noticed the hands because a lady in our support group had not been able to knit for 10 years. When you put the gel on you have to wait ten minutes for it to disappear into the knee joint, so you can't get up and wash your hands. That lady, after 6 weeks, was back to knitting a shawl for her first great grandchild.

Yes, the one that is ubiquitous is cheapest so far..........

Lochy in reply to jinasc

Hi jinsac, is that flexiseq you’re talking about or a different gel? Can you tell me the name? Thanks

jinasc in reply to Lochy

Sorry, it is Flexiseq...........

I use Flexiseq on my arthritic knees with a resulting reduction in pain and swelling. After a week or two I reduced to a maintenance dose of once a day (rubbing it in just before bed) and it still helps, and is less expensive. Shop around though, EBay can be considerably cheaper than the Pharmacies, I’ve paid between £12-15.

Flexiseq was recommended by my physio. I bought the first tube from her which cost a fortune, but it does help. It is a matter of looking around for a reasonable price, although it is not particularly cheap.

I use Voltarin which is a prescription when my knee is really bad and bio freeze when the pain is not as bad.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Baileyw06

Careful with Voltaren and pred - it is absorbed into the body through the skin and can be enough to interact with the pred.

Baileyw06 in reply to PMRpro


How does it interact with the pred?

Hidden in reply to Baileyw06

It can still effect your stomach in gel form. Gets in your system as a nsaid.

Baileyw06 in reply to Hidden


Thanks for all your responses. I’ve ordered two tubes on that favourite online site so will see if it helps.

Lloyds chemist is the cheapest i've found £10.99 50g tube.

Just a comment about “knee pain”....

When I was able to stop my pred several months ago (for PMR) I discovered I had various aches. One was my knees. When I saw my chiro for a sore back issue she said it wasn’t my knees but it was the tendons above my knees. I don’t know the correct name for this, but there is lots of info online.

As we know, prednisone weakens our muscles and tendons. I suspect that is what has happened with me. I’m trying to slowly increase my exercise level to counteract the prednisone damage but I haven’t seen much improvement yet. Perhaps I have some residual PMR. The aches are easily controlled by a Tylenol each morning but I’ve stopped doing that....kind of an incentive for me to do my exercises 😊

Lochy in reply to Mrs-CJ

That’s helpful too. I do think my legs are so much weaker after 3 and a bit years of pred for PMR. I do walk most days on hilly ground with my dog and am doing Pilates and yoga although just returned after summer break. It’s hard to keep exercising when knees get so sore! Perhaps I’ll notice the improvement as I get stronger again. 🤞🤞

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