Happy Easter/Happy Passover, Surviving the holiday !

Hi Everyone, wanted to say Happy Easter, Happy Passover to all of us. Hope everyone had a good day and felt ok. Mine was good. feeling a little dizzy, small headache, took 2 extra grams of medrol and an extra aspirin. Feel ok. Nice day on the Hudson River.

Wanted also to say thank you to everyone for "being there". These diseases as so many of us have found, I believe, are serious, and not mild, nor insignificant. Think we are all working hard to understand them, find reasonable and liveable remedies and reach out to each other for advice and support. I know that there have been a couple of weekends of what may have been the disease being 'active' when posting and communicating with members of the blog was a major help and eased some of the worry. and gave me some solutions, which worked. Thank you.

Happy Easter, Happy Passover and may we all continue surviving these diseases and having this blog as a place to gather, post and "be there" !

To our health, best, Whittlesey

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  • Thank you Whittlesey.

    The Hudson sounds very appealing!

    I live in Christchurch in Dorset; it poured with rain all day. But it was a good day.

    Best wishes to yiu and all

  • We had snow this weekend - I live in Italy!

  • Snow? Really sorry to hear that. My father's family is from Bologna and some town near Switzerland, I think or in the north. His father had blonde hair and blue eyes. I didn't know they had snow this time of year. Too much ! We have had at least 4 blizzards in the city this year, very cold (unusual) winter. I hope it wasn't really cold and you had a good day.

  • It rained! All day until 6pm. Ah well! Years ago I camped near Andermatt in Switzerland in August. It was chilly overnight. Two days later we were driving through France to Calais and the news told us there had been 1 metre of snow in Andermatt overnight! No rules to the weather here!

  • Hi annihami, You're welcome. Yes, yesterday it was!. Weather was nice and we sat on the bank and had dessert. Nice Easter. We don't go in, but it's nice to be there. I'm sorry about the rain in Christchurch. Glad you had a good day. good wishes to you and yours, Whittlesey

  • Thanks Whittlesey - happy whatever you celebrate too! I bet everyone borrows Easter goodies!

  • Thanks, PMRPro, I celebrate both and yes, they do ! Which on the anti-inflammatory diet, is fine. Happy Holiday !

  • Thank you Whittlesey. I am sure that I am like many others who appreciate the opportunity to share experiences, know that support is available and willingly offered and benefit from the advice.

    Thank you all.

  • I agree, Mischievious. I believe it helps tremendously. There were a few weekends, that this blog helped me get through and I'm glad it exists. agreed and thank you. all my best, Whittlesey

  • We had torrential rain down here on the south coast, but it was a good day and I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday days whatever is being celebrated.

  • Sorry to hear that. I'm glad you had a good holiday. Thankfully, we had a decent day in the city. This winter was pretty bad. We finally had a few days free of snow and rain and mild. Glad your holiday was good.

  • Hello Whittlesey .. Happy Easter /Passover to you. I agree with all you say and the support from the PMR/GCAuk Forum has been wonderful in the last 7 weeks while I have been very down and low. I have just managed to get through two wonderful days with my family and enjoy my Grandchildren searching for their eggs . Somehow yesterday my pain was at a controllable level , It was just coping with the exhaustion that was the difficult bit.. I am listening to my body today and resting as much as I can as the exhaustion is still there..a nice quiet day . Best wishes. trish 29

  • Hello Trish29, and Happy Easter/Passover to you. Thanks. I agree I think the support is good. Sorry you have been down. It happens to me, too. I believe this is a lot and the physical impact from both the disease and the prednisone, can be a lot to deal with. And there is the fatigue. It is a lot. I find the herbs help and vit B, 6, 12 and others. I have those days, too. It is good to be in contact with others with the same disease. This disease has parts of it, which many diseases, don't, I believe and it helps knowing that there are others dealing with this. The exhaustion, seemingly out of nowhere, is one, and it can be a lot to deal with. For me, also, it can take a few days before the fatigue, is easier to deal with. glad it's a quiet day and you can recoup. Glad to be posting with you. all my best, Whittlesey

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