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Community passes the 700 member mark!

It's really exciting to see that this community now has 706 members. That's fantastic in two years, and just goes to show how much it is needed. Many thanks are due to the volunteers such as polkadotcom, who moderate the group, keeping a daily eye on posts and making sure that everybody gets an answer and isn't left feeling isolated with their question or problem. It's amazing as well how everybody rallies round to give good information and, crucially, moral support.

Welcome to all the new members who have joined us in 2014! Whether you have joined us recently or not, please give some thought to filling in some information about yourself in your profile, as much or as little as you like, and maybe uploading an image. It doesn't even have to be a picture of yourself. It could be your pet, or a flower, but something that is a bit less anonymous than one of those avatars. Please rest assured that even the administrators can't spy on you. We can't give any information about you to any third parties, and we never would, even if we could. But a little bit of personalisation does raise people's confidence and helps to make this a warm and friendly place.

It would be really good to say, for example, whether you are male or female, because we know that sometimes the men feel a bit outnumbered. Do you know that. as well as posting blog posts, questions and replies, you can also send a message to another member via the messaging service? This is completely confidential and can't be viewed by us Admins. So if you are interested in what somebody has to say and want to ask them more - send them a message!

Have a good day everyone


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