Does anyone get cramp like pain in legs

For the last few evenings I have had terrible cramping type pain in my right leg, making it restless and impossible to get comfortable, and struggle to get to sleep. It starts early evening whilst Im resting watching TV. Does anyone else suffer from this and what do you find helps. Have tried Paracetamol and Tramadol to no effect. The pain is in the thigh muscles as well as the calf and foot. I reduced my Prednisolone 3 weeks ago from 10mgs to 9mgs, my Rheumy wants me to reduce to 8mgs next week.

Still awaiting Neurology opinion re GCA type symptoms. Rheumy skeptical as Im only 48, bloods normal, biopsy negative and MRI normal. But for nearly a year now have had temples burning, jaws cramping, tongue pain and spasms, pains in head around ears and pulsatile tinnitus. every drop makes these symptoms worse, and last time I reached 8mgs pains re to head were unbearable. I have found aspirin stops me being kept awake with tongue spasms :-) Keep hoping one of these days this will all end.

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  • Yes runrigo , I have often suffered these cramps especially at the time of pred reduction. I often drink Tonic water when it happens it seems to help.I have PMR but not GCA. This nightmare of a condition just goes on and on .. Maybe one day there will be light at the end of the tunnel . Best wishes and I hope the cramps stop soon trish29

  • Hi again runrigo .. I forgot to say when I get the cramps I rub some Biofreeze gel into the painful spot .Its cool and refreshing on the area that's painful . trish29

  • Thanks Trish29, I will certainly try the tonic water. I used biofreeze for my neck pain a year or 2 ago, but prefer heat on my pains. Thanks again, Runrig :-)

  • Hi again runrigo. I use heat and cold on my pain with the advice of my osteopath . The pain in my spine certainly reacts to heat and I often give my stiff kneck a blast with the hairdryer in the mornings to help with the stiffness ( not on the very hot though , musn't burn the kneck on top of everything else ) but cramps and pain in the legs usually react to cold gel . trish29

  • Runrig, have you got a low magnesium level right now? I suffered badly with cramps including whole body spasms but since taking a magnesium supplement I have them so rarely I can't even remember when the last one was.

    The deficiency was noted by my surgery during a routine blood test (and potassium deficiency too, but that is easily dealt with) and my diabetic clinic nurse suggested magnesium supplements although I was already aware that that could be the answer.

  • Hi polkadotcom, no my magnesium was checked in Dec and is normal. Since before being diagnosed with PMR I have taken magnesium supplements as my GP felt it would help with the muscle spasms. It seems to help as I notice muscle are more tense when I miss it. Thanks for your thoughts, Runrig :-)

  • Such a timely post...Afraid I can't help and was going to ask the same question myself as I dropped yesterday and today I have the most awful cramp like pain in my leg.

    Wish you ease soonest..

  • Hi I have suffered from leg cramps for years or did till a physio gave me a simple exercise to do several times a day. If I do them I never get cramp. I sit on a table so my legs are free of the floor. Keep your back straight and lift one leg at a time up to the horizontal position. Then lower an inch or so and then bend your foot up and down several times. Repeat with the other leg. Works wonders and is so simple. Do try it.

  • Thanks Tallgal will give this a try. Have tried sitting on sofa and moving foot up and down but didn't help, will try this version.

  • Hello Runrig. I get those cramps sometimes. I put it down to sodium salt and potassium imbalance due to night sweats and sometimes horrible day sweats. I find eating lots of celery or bananas helps as they contain potassium. The sweats could also cause dehydration, another factor in cramps.

    If you don't get those sweats could it be low calcium? That can cause cramps as much as low potassium or magnesium.

  • Hi Badgergirl my sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium are all normal. Do suffer dreadfully with the day sweats, head can be soaked up to 4 times a day, so could be dehydration. Will try drinking more and taking tonic water. Thanks, Runrig

  • Hi everyone I've just been diagnosed with GCA + PMR the first day I took steroids I have the calf cramp from hell I've included banana's in my diet in the afternoon with the steroids taken in a mornings I've had another cramp but not as painful think it must be to do with the steroids stripping the potassium. I don't know anything about this condition I've never heard of it until my Dr said I had it. I will try drinking more water too since I am feverish most of the day. Thanks everyone your posts are great for helping me understand I'm not going mad!

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