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Positive steps

I have had a little break through this week. After returning to my GP a week ago doubled up in pain again, I was sent to have another Ultrasound. The Radiographer was amazing, though it was extremely painful (due to my physical conditions), they came to a conclusion as to why I have so much pain. My left ovary is attached to my bowel and to other things including my womb.

On top of this I have heard of a local gynae who has successfully treated adhesions and my GP is referring me to him.

It's a small beam of sunlight through the cloud of pain and frustration, it may end up being nothing but its worth a try.

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Its such a relief isn't it when they eventually find the reason for your pain, best of luck and keep us posted as to how your getting on. jx


It's worth getting well informed about adhesions : have you read our webpage on this ? hope it is useful. Where is the gyne based ?

good luck and as Jacquie says, let us know how you get on


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