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Nerve endings on bowel shattered? Anybody heard of this?

I'm back! After more pain, another trip to hospital and being kept in for 4 days, several tests and a diagnosis of adhesions and a condition which is similar to raynauds of the bowel?

Been told t he nerves on my bowel are shattered and things brush on them so causing pain....??

Has anybody ever heard of this condition?

Still struggling x

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Hi there, one of my symptoms is razor like pain just before and during a bowel movement. I had key hole surgery for an appendectomy several years ago and these symptoms have been since then. I also have other lovely symptoms.I have had every test but nothing shows up. I have just been at my lovely new physiotherapist and she worked internally and for the first time in ages I don't feel like I have a fist in my bottom! She also gave me accupuncture on my lower back and has put these little seed patches in my ears for me to wiggle around to help calm down my nervous system. Interestingly enough my physio has been on a course run by the San Francisco physios that have published their articles on this website. Lets see how this week goes. It just feels so good to have someone trying to help me and she has read every note, letter and test I have ever had. No one else has bothered to do that. Have a good day, fingers crossed for limited pain!


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