So, what happened at the 1st UK Pain Summit ?

So, what happened at the 1st UK Pain Summit ?

The 1st Pain Summit in the UK took place yesterday at Central Hall, Westminster.

It was attended by around 160 health professionals: GP's, pain specialists, representatives from the Department of Health, MP's, Commisioners, patients and patient representatives.

Health professional education, Public health and the wider agenda and commissioning were all areas that were covered in workshops. The report and follow up will be available in a few weeks time.

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  • There is a short broadcast about it here : the piece on chronic pain starts at about 19.22

  • Thank you Judy.

    It is very interesting. I am looking forward to know more (the programme is not available to listen again).


  • What a shame : it was only available for 7 days

  • I read with interest that a Pain Summit occurred at Westminster but as it was in November 2011, I wondered if any follow up had happened. Also, what was the result of the 1st Pudendal Nerve Day on the 1st of May? Way it just in the States?

    Many thanks

  • The work following the pain summit is continuing and there will be a awareness campaign for employers and the public currently in the planning stages. There is also a lot of work going on at European level.

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