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starting treatments but want your advice!

just before new year 2012 i noticed persistant pain in my right side of my vigina. having sex was barable but again hurt on the right hand side, almost as if it was inside my hip though. i waited untill 2 weeks into the new year to visit my doctor which took swobs and stuck me on strong antibiotics to get rid of any infection present whilst waiting for my results.

i went back the second week of february (a month later) and he told me that i had an infection which the antibiotics would have treated but as this isnt the problem he would refaire me to my local hospital to have an ultrasound to see what that picks up. the pain is now really frustrating me, it is getting worse and now runing down my right leg and sometimes hurts to walk, it is still only on the right side near my ovaries and my hip. but this problem has only ocoured over the past 2 months and feels like it is getting worse fast?

can anyone suggest what this is or help me out with similar experiences and what they did? im only 20.

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If it is going down your leg it could be sciatica. If it is it would be travelling down the back of the leg between the middle and side of the leg. This can affect walking too.

If this is associated with pain in the hip it could be a problem with your piriformis muscle which travels from the hip to the sacrum across the buttock. I may be way off the mark but it might be a good idea to get that muscle checked out as piriformis syndrome can be associated with sciatica and pudendal nerve problems which could explain vaginal pain too. A good pelvic physio will be able to do this or a sports physio although a sports physio will be less familiar with the pudendal nerve.

There are some stretches you can do for piriformis syndrome which are easy to try, any tightness found when doing these may indicate a problem there. Only do the easy ones, this can help release this muscle.

Take care




I've had similar problems to you except mine is in both sides rather than just the right. After about 12 appointments & many tests, Dr said pain in vagina is probably vulvodynia & I'm taking notriptyline which helps with this. After 3 months pain has now spread across buttocks and into legs - so I've got to go back & see pelvic pain specialist about this and then do some physical therapy. I find doing stretches with deep breathing helps the muscles release and a heat pad or ice pack good for pain.

Like you, I was put on antibiotics at first (for an infection I didn't have) had an ultrasound and hysterscopy too but results from these were both clear.

If your ultrasound comes back clear, I'd ask you Dr to refer to a pelvic pain specialist and/or a pelvic physio and hopefully they will be able to give you some answers & work out a treatment plan for you.

Good luck & take care



thank you both for your answers. my ultrasound is on the 20th so not to long to wait. i find that the pain is more on the right side of my vagina and hip than in my leg so in regards to the nerve problem im thinking it isnt that but if these tests come back clear i will look into that though! i am going to start doing light exersice and movements with my leg though to see if this improves the feelings i get down there. im only young so hopeing it isnt anything too bad. thankyou !


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