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Interstitial cystitis

Hi all

I have just joined this site and I am looking to share advice and support on interstitial cystitis. I was diagnosed with the cronic illness last year and have found that unfortunately belly little is known about it by UK doctors.

IC is an illness that causes urinary pain and frequency due to your bladder wall being damaged. In myself the pain seems to locate itself around my pelvic area and when I have a flare up it feels as if I have constant pressure on my pelvis and bladder. My illness was misdiagnosed for around 7 years. I also have endometriosis, polysistic ovaries, migraines, allergies and IBS. These are common condition to have alongside IC.

I wanted to make you all aware of my illness due to my misdiagnosis and in the event I can prevent even one of you being misdiagnosed with this illness.

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