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Advice and ideas needed, please! What should I do about constantt pain, sickness and piles of medication?

I take gabapentin, tramadol and sertraline on a daily basis. With co-codamol 30/500 thrown in occasionally! I am still in pain and have started having problems with keeping food down and headaches (twice weekly).

It is suspected I have damaged nerves or adhesions but no one has given me a definate answer. And have been told its not worth looking into any further.

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Pain management is always worth trying. If it is NHS it also keeps you in 'the system' and they have to still monitor your progress.


You probably kniow this already, but when you take the meds you mustn't have an empty stomache that's why you are having trouble keeping food down which is also why you are getting headaches. Also, don't let anyone tell you what to do, if you feel better looking into it further than you must. It is your body after all!


Thank you - things are going from bad to worse. Not able to eat so not able to take meds so in pain! Not able to do much except throw up and lay in a crumpled heap hoping body will just give up and let me sleep for a while!

Not feeling much point in getting medical help as there is nothing fixable (apparently).

I know there are people worse off than me, but this is destroying my marriage, family and me.


Have you been refered to a gynea consultant hun? Sounds to me like you could do with having a laparoscopy to double check it's not anything like endometriosis or cysts. I'd go back to your gp and take a list of your symptoms with you. GP'd really need to stop dishing out pain meds and telling people to get on with it, pain is there to tell you something is wrong. Keep strong and don't be scared to tell the dr's what you want to happen, good luck xxx


Seen two gynaes - they are the ones who won't do a lap - in case it gets worse and because in their words its not worth it!



Keep looking, reading there are alot of people out there that can help us. Its, slow and hard work, but you CAN do it.

You are NOT alone.

Healing Hugs, Bobbi


Don't give up and maybe insist on a lap. I insisted on one and the Dr even wrote a note to my family Dr saying that she felt there was no point and she doubted she would find anything. Well she found a pelvic area full of endometriosis. Do you have children? I was reading an article yesterday. It said something like after children 10% end up with chronic pain 18% in they have had a c section. Wishing you better days ahead.


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