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first post from usa I have severe pgad need re do surgery ?? Judy birch or anyone can you help?

Hi I was hoping someone would tell me if Dr Bautrant does re-do surgeries. I heard that one fellow PGAD patient went to Dr. robert and was not made well.. and now has a pump. I had TG surgery in theUS and it did not work... and I need redo surgery ASAP . I have scar tissue at the ST and SS lig and the issual spine and need redo surgery. I do not know if Dr, Bautrant can see the ST lig with the approach he does, so I do not know whether to bother him . I am desperate and want the best. Dr. hibner in theUSa has done the most redo sugeries in the US but he did redo surgery on my friend that has pgad and she did not get well. ..Dr. bautrant cured my friend violet with PGAd but it was not a redo surgery. I do not want to go all the way to france if he is not confident that he can help. thank you so much Hawkiins (a girls name)

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What is pgad ? the technique you are talking about is a blind procedure with a risk of cutting the nerve. It is thought that redo surgeries are not a good idea as scar tissue generally reforms.


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