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Interest in Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain from the media, patients and clinicians in Lithuania

Interest in Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain from the media, patients and clinicians in Lithuania

It was interesting to go to a new country ( for me ) to speak about what we do as a charity at the first symposium in the Baltic countries. Lithuanian TV was there as well as journalists from the press and a health website. I did interviews with all of them as well as spoke to a group of women with experience of gynaecological cancer who are interested in extending their remit to include pelvic pain, endometriosis etc.

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Well done Judy.

I think it is wonderfully brave of you to travel to a new country, in pain.

It is a testament to your commitment to the cause to go out there and speak, when you yourself are suffering daily.

I really admire you and the work you do!

Travelling anywhere can be daunting, even just a day out, so WELL DONE on your campaigning courage.

Gentle hugs that you are recovering from the trip with some rest and TLC!

Suzi xx


It has been a wonderful experience to travel with Judy and to see how interested people were to learn from her experience as a patient and as a Patient Support Network founder and main executive.

Judy talked about what a support network is, the history and the future. She explained how hard it is to start it and, specially, to keep up the good work and persevere. This is difficult, especially when most patient's organizations in Europe rely on volunteers. However, it was an encouraging and a really positive presentation.

Judy also bring out various patient organization's advantages for patients and clinicians and showed a video where a patient talks about her experience. In the video this patient describes how difficult it is to find other people to talk about pain and how relieved she felt when she found support: other people to identify with, to ask questions to, .... , not feeling alone.

Also, before and after the presentations, Judy was approached by journalists and other people and Judy kindly answerer to all their questions and exchanged contact details. I believe Judy;s contribution has been greatly interesting and appreciated in the Baltic States, where there are no patient organizations yet.

Judy;s determination, strength and generosity are to admire.

Thank you

Maria xxx


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