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Looking forward ?

Have found a GP who wants to help with the pain. Its early days, but at least have someone who listens. I saw a pain specialist who told me adhesions don't cause pain. I wish they would make there minds up, lol.

Hopefully with my GP's help I will get through my final year of my degree. I know its going to be a hard year, but am going to persevere. Fingers crossed friends.

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Well done, pleased to hear this. What are you studying ?

Fingers and toes crossed for you.


Thanks Judy.

I am studying law - something easy, lol.

Have given up on a reason for pain in terms of diagnosis, but not on life.


Well done and good luck with that PD :)

Adhesion's don't cause pain!! Wouldn't it depend on what adhesions were adhered to, or what was adhered to what because of them???

What types of pain management is your GP pursuing for you?

In a biopsychosocial sense, pain treatment is coming along a pace and is often worked along side traditional drug therapies, in a multidisciplinary approach .

Distraction techniques are out when it comes to pain management now it seems. After all you will only be distracted for so long. Although the last year of studying for a law degree, could be a major distraction ;) In my case however, it would just make my brain hurt too.

Acceptance is the newer concept. ACT. Acceptance and commitment therapy. I'm sure these therapies can be effective to degrees for everyone but I am still struggling to see how actual tissue/nerve damage can be effectively treated in this way. I'm sure it can be a help with pain management, but that's it.

I hope you do get the necessary help required to allow your studies and a fantastic future career.

Take care,



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