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Has anyone started a pain support group in their area?

Hi, i would love to join a local pain support group here in Gloucestershire. If there is not one currently running, i would be happy to try and help set up one. Does anyone know of any groups in Gloucestershire ? Does anyone from Gloucestershire want to get involved in starting one if there is not one already?? Thanks

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I can put you in touch with someone in Gloucestershire who may be interested in helping with such an initiative.

Were you thinking of chronic pain in general or pelvic pain ?


Hi Judy, Thanks for the quick reply. WOW- your website has changed- it looks good. Im Car- the lady you so very kindly emailed recently to ask how im getting on, and whether or not i got back to Poole at the end of May-- i didn't., but i instead my brother came up from Parkstone to visit me in between his chemotherapy treatments.

I am beginning to think that i am going have to learn to live with this really severe pelvic pain. If im honest (and i know i can be here), on a bad day, jumping off a cliff comes to mind (not a good idea at all with 4 such beautiful children, eh). On a good day, joining/starting a support group and finding some funding (possibly from the Beneden Trust??) to pay for some pain counselling and maybe some private hospital pain clinic treatment, comes to mind. My pain specialist left Glos Hosp Trust back in March and there has been no replacement (as far as i know). Yes please- id love to get in touch with someone who would like to help start a group. Im not sure about how selective to make it-- does the other person have pelvic pain??? Thanks again, very best wishes,Car. X : ) X

PS, - i thought i would end with a couple of jokes (to make you smile, or groan- not sure which!!)

1, In a recent survey 6 out of 7 Dwarfs said they were not Happy


The website asked me to create a password with 8 characters so i typed in-- ' snowwhitedocdopeyhappygrumpybashfulsleepysneezy"


Hi Car,

They did make me laugh: humour helps doesn't it ?

The person I'm thinking of has pelvic pain: shall I e-mail her ? if you're happy to do so, I can give you her e-mail address. She did some fundraising for us with a friend a couple of years ago.


Hi Judy, please can you give her my email address. Yes humour really helps!!, thanks again, Car x


OK, will do, can you let me have your e-mail address please ? if you want to send it privately you can via a private message on here or to


Hi Judy, its ; Thanks everso much for your help-- much appreciated!!


Hi Judy, im starting that pain support group at last in Gloucestershire. Sweetie from this site is interested - do you know of any other ladies who may be interested too -- from either Gloucestershire or Herefordshire, Thanks : )


Hello both,

I would love to know if there is one in the Brighton or Hove area.

And Judy, apologies for falling off the planet for a while ... after Peritonitis I spend another few weeks in hospital with the pain. But all a lot more settled now I'm pleased to inform!

How did the conference go? Very well, I hope.

Kind regards and shall look forward to hearing from you,



Hi, I was wondering if you have found a pain support group in Gloucestershire, it seems as though this is something which is needed and not available. What do you think?


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