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Put Your Constipation Woes Behind You

Put Your Constipation Woes Behind You

Constipation plays a major role in pelvic pain. It can cause existing pain to flare or can be a contributing factor causing the pelvic pain to begin with. So, it’s really important to maintain regular, healthy BMs. But, for so many women and men with pelvic pain/dysfunction that can be a major challenge. If you’re in that boat, this post is a must-read!

There are two different types of constipation. And what many don’t realize, one type, “outlet constipation” is often caused by dysfunctional pelvic floor muscles. However, because both types can negatively impact your pelvic floor, in this post I plan to give you the run down on both types, as well as a list of strategies, including a few important ones that your pelvic floor PT can help you with that can get things moving in the right direction.

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