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Pelvic Floor PT: The Truth about Biofeedback and E-stim

This is a great blog post by Liz Rummer, a wonderful pelvic pain PT at the Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco:

Many PTs use either biofeedback or e-stim as part of their protocol for treating pelvic pain. Indeed, a google search of either term will bring up a slew of pelvic floor PT websites boasting the benefits of both treatments. Meanwhile, based on feedback we’ve received from our patients and the PTs taking our class, I believe there’s a good deal of confusion surrounding these two treatment methods, and that some PTs are misusing them.

It seems that biofeedback, e-stim or both are in some instances being used as part of cookie-cutter treatment plans with little thought given to whether they’re appropriate. The major concern with this is that in certain circumstances, misusing biofeedback and or e-stim may not only be ineffective, it can actually cause a patient’s condition to worsen.

So what’s the deal with biofeedback and e-stim? When are they appropriate for pelvic floor PT and when are they not?

In this post, I will answer those questions, and hopefully clear up the confusion surrounding these treatment methods once and for all. Let’s begin with biofeedback.

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