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Does anyone know if you can be given a diagnosis of IC without mast cells being present in the bladder, my GP thinks it is possible?

I have been suffering with Pelvic pain since 2005. Urodynamic and cystoscopy revealed slow flow of urine, trabeculation of the bladder lining and petechial haemorrhages. I was not diagnosed with IC due to no mast cells being present.

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Hi, I've been suffering from IC since 2001. I had a biopsy at the time, showing no mast cells. It didn't deter the urologist from diagnosing IC. I don't think it's significant to have mast celles or not. I had 4 Hunner ulcers, I'd say those ulcers were more proof than having mast cells or not. If you have petechial haemorrhages it's stroingly in favor of IC.

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i had i.c for years,the specialist i was under said my bladder was small, and he likened it to"looking like a childs balloon that had been left out in the rain for weeks!,"

i was sick of pelvic pain(i also have fibromyalgia and myo fascial pain, )after loads of different procedures it came down to wether to do a cysectomy (bladder removal) which meant remove the bladder and have a permanent stoma,desperate for pain relief in that area i went for it in 2008 aged 44 ,it was a hell of a operation and four years on it has made no difference to the pain grrrrrrrrr


It made no difference at all? I'm so sorry to hear that must have been so difficult to do something that drastic and still have the pain. That is my fear too. How are you doing now.


I am so very sorry that u went thru such a traumatizing operation and got no relief. I will remember this, if I am ever offered that option


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