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Hypnotherapy for Pelvic Pain ?

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Hi, I’m new to this site and have been searching for a diagnosis for my abdominal pain and constipation. After 2 years of research and finally undergoing several investigations the gastroenterologist said he thought it wasn’t a digestive problem. By chance I read an article in the paper in reply to a query with symptoms similar to mine, which made me realise there could be another cause, so I am now pursuing this and have asked for a gynaecology referral.

I just wondered if anyone had tried/ had any success with hypnotherapy, as if I have a hypertonic pelvic floor ( which seems possible ) it may be an effective way to release it.I am currently taking Imipramine which has been very helpful but the problem remains. Stretching exercises do not seem to make much difference, though just lying flat on the floor seems to help the whole area to relax.

This all sounds so bizarre if I wasn’t in so much pain it could even be funny 🙃

Looking forward to any reply with great interest!

8 Replies
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If you have access to YouTube you can put Hypnotherapy for Pain in the search field and you'll find many sessions. Insight Timer is a free meditation app which has ones for pain too.

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Mutleyforever in reply to SouthernSally

thanks for that, I might try 👍

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What helped me the most is a relaxation technique with the trigger points release method explained in the book written by Dr Wise and Dr Anderson “A headache in the pelvis”.  I’m highly recommending his method for the pelvic floor dysfunction due to muscle spasm. It will take time to get relief but you just need keep doing it every day. I feel much better now. The sitting pain is still there but less intense. I’m not taking any medications now. 

I hope you’ll find a method that will work for you and the pain will disappear

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Mutleyforever in reply to Agnessa

thanks so much for your reply, I have tried so many things and still not actually been diagnosed, so basically have another 35 weeks to wait for my gynaecology referral, so as Tesco put it so succinctly ’ every little helps’ . 🤪

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ive a friend who’s a psychologist and advised me to give it a try too.

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Mutleyforever in reply to anna1234567

ok, thanks for that 👍

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I had several sessions of what is known here in Germany as „self-organized hypnosis“, which differs from classical hypnosis in that patient and therapist are equals in the process. I was lucky to have had a recommendation to an excellent therapist who otherwise worked as a consultant anesthetist . These sessions were extraordinarily helpful in leading to a reduction of pain in combination with PT.

I suggest that, as with any therapy, it is imperative to find someone who is qualified and who can be trusted, but if you are open to the idea it is worth trying out.

Good luck!

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thanks for your reply, that sounds interesting. I was considering this approach if I heard positive reviews. Like you say, choosing the therapist is critical 😬

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