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Do you find that people (family) don't understand the pain of fibroids in your abdomen, that you have to lie down for a rest?

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For me they can't seem to understand that sitting is not resting your abdomen but lying for a rest is. I really need to speak to someone who relates to this or even have some understanding.

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I have two fibroids (7.5cm and 4cm) and they do not give me any pain. I would see your GP re the pain you are experiencing as it could be something else, e.g. an ovarian cyst or something worse. Never ignore pain in your abdomen as this is the first sign of ovarian cancer but I am sure what you are experiencing is not that.

All the best.

Thank you for responding. It must be nice to not experience pain. For myself my abdomen is very sore and I have read many other people in the same position as me, as it makes me feel I'm not alone. I have told my doctor and the maternity and they are not surprised I'm still in pain as they are sticking out as I have clusters of them all over my ab.

But you have raised a good point though to not ignore pain. It just angers me about the fact that I have not been monitored as I was assured I would be by the maternity ward every 6 months. I dread to think how much they have grown. All I want is to do is have a good cry.

Thank you for your concern and thank you for your advice.

I feel your pain girl!! I hope you can get a good Dr. that will address your fibroid issues. Until someone experiences the pain & misery that can be associated with fibroids, one will never truly understand!! I wish you all the best and hope you finally get the care you deserve!! ❤️

That is not true for everyone!! I myself have two fibroids around the same sizes as yours on each side of my pelvis. You are very lucky to not have any pain or symptoms as I have swell ups quite frequently these days. Pelvic pain is very common for my fibroids, sometimes stabbing, sometimes achy and dull. I feel feverish, and unwell when it gets real bad. Just last year both of my fibroids degenerated at the same time and I believe they are growing back again with a vengeance!! Acute pelvic pain at its very worst for I'd say a good 4 days. Nothing I could do, besides stay in bed and suffer & wait till it ran it's course. No hospital visit as there's really nothing that a Dr. can do besides prescribe you pain meds. So please do not tell someone that fibroids do not cause pain as you're 100% incorrect!! I wish you all the best & continued, pain free fibroids!!

Not 100% incorrect as fibroids don't always cause pain.

The size of the fibroid and position it’s in can cause pain as the weight of the fibroid puts pressure on pelvic organs. Fibroids can cause terrible cramping when you have your period to.

Have you had an ultrasound to show the size and location of the fibroid?

Has there been talk of removing it surgically? You may need that.

Fibroids can degenerate and when they do they release chemicals that cause acute stabbing pain and swelling in your abdomen.

Get back to see your doctor to discuss this.

Any body injury that is invisible is always misunderstood by the general public. It’s hard not to be given love and support when you’re in agony and people don’t believe you.

Family and friends don’t realize that doctors are gas lighting people and leaving them in pain. Doctors are also misdiagnosing people to.

What meds are you using? We’re you offered anything?

I am waiting for a consultation for my Embolization which I have been waiting for a long time. Ever since covid it has delayed my appointment big time which angers me. The maternity isn't even responding to my doctors. Know matter how much they are trying to chase them up.I have fibroids sticking out of me as well as clusters all over my abdomen I can also feel them pressing up into my stomach and into my pelvic muscles. Embolization is the only way out for me I have prepared my questions in advance for the consultation. But the maternity is not playing ball.

Sometimes I wish I could run away from my health I know I can't but I'm just so tired and sick of it all as I feel I could just weep.

Thanks for listening to me and your understanding as it makes me feel so lonely as I feel I need to speak to people who have been in the same position as me.

Thank you for your kindness and understanding.

I’m SO sorry you’re dealing with this. It sounds to me like you’ve been neglected. Have a cry if you need to. It’s a great release.

Could a nurse practitioner or consultant help you get care quicker? Could you pay privately to get faster care?

Hang in there.

Thank you for your reply. I will have a good cry in bed at night I'm going to have to.My doctors are contacting the hospital (Maternity Department) but they are just not responding.

I did look into private care and my mum did to but they are also in the same vote as the Maternity Department, I just want to scream and shout at them but I know that won't help matters. If I wasn't living with my parents I would dread to think what state of mind I would be in if I was on my own, if this is me now.

But I have contacted my therapist and arranged an appointment with them.

Thank you for your patience and kind words.

I’m sending you good luck vibes so you get the urgent testing and care you need. Keep in touch.

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