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hi as anyone got a hiatus henia who as a bladder prolase

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hi as anyone got a hihatus hernia as well as a bladder prolaspe . as i keep having abdomen bad ache top of navel . and pain shoots now and the and upper back huets near bra strap. and i feel like a plusing feeling in my abdemon and back im going spire tomorrow to get my ct scan hopefully ill know what is going on as i cant cope much longer

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I’m sorry no one has answered your post. I hope your scan went well. From memory I don’t think anyone who has posted on here also has a hernia as well as a prolapse. It’s definitely one for your GP if they referred you for the scan. But hopefully you are under the care of a consultant. Definitely ask lots of questions when you have a consultation with them in person or over the phone. Also don’t be afraid to let them know you are worried. I hope this helps and I hope you will update us on what the scan has shown and what treatment you are going to be having.

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