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Urgent Help Please - Uncomfortable Vagina

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I would really appreciate if someone could help me? If anyone has had these symptoms.. For the past year I have been in and out of hospital as my doctors just keep shoving me away. I have a constant uncomfortable, slight pain in my vaginal area that chooses when to pop up... that can be 7 times a day or twice.. whatever it feels like doing. It feels like someone has stuck a finger up there or put something up there and just left it. I have been checked for a prolapse and nothing.. I have been getting pain going down to my legs too! Can someone be a saviour and save me

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I have been trying to get help for the same thing. I had a coil that had embedded in my cervix very painful I could not walk some days. Its been removed but I have a patch on the left side of my vagina that feels sore and I get the odd twinge like I'm being poked. I am on HRT and I have vaginal moisturiser cream that my doctor recommended. She says dry skin can chafe and cause problems after 6months it is a little better. I hope you find what works for you big hugs

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Thank you so much! It only took you a few minutes to reply back but it meant the world to me.. knowing I'm not the only one that's suffering makes me feel like there's hope for me. I will look into this. Thank you so much darling !

Could it be Vaginal Atrophy? If so Imvaggis or vagifem a localised ostrogen pessary is absolutely fantastic. Also helps with urgency.

Hello, thank you for your suggestion. I've just googled it and it does feel a bit familiar, do you know how to get diagnosed for it?

You would be best seeing a gynaecologist or a doctor at a woman's health clinic. I would even suggest it as an option to them. It is localised so doesn't enter your blood stream.

I have the same thing. Kind of feels like you’ve got something stuck up there and leaning on your bladder/inside of your vagina. What it is is your pelvic floor muscles tightening up for some reason. This could be due to a number of things - bladder inflammation, bladder infection, exterior muscle tension from other parts of your body surrounding the area tightening up, a prolapse, Vulvodynia. The list can go on and on! Mine is due to bladder inflammation problems and I also have very tight Piriformis problems.

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Hello! I'm going to research the symptoms and see if it could be any of the things you suggested.. thank you so much for reaching out and giving me suggestions.. May GOD BLESS YOU! It does make me feel like there's hope

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I think the best thing for you to do is to try and see a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, as they can examine you internally and tell if you have hypertonic pelvic floor muscles (overly tight pelvic floor). That way you can at least know if that’s the case so you can start exploring what’s causing this tightness. No point going to a Gynaecologist I found, as they have no idea what to look for here unless they specialise in pelvic floor dysfunction problems. I was checked at the beginning by one of the top Gynaecologist in London and queried if I had tight pelvic floor muscles and they told me they were normal. I then went and saw a couple of different specialists and they all diagnosed me with pelvic floor tightness and spasms in this area. One of them being a Professor who worked at the same hospital at the Gynaecologist I originally saw and he had to correct her original findings after he re-examined me!So worth checking out.

Have you had any surgery down there at all? This year I had a hernia due to having hysterectomy and it obviously failed 10 years later. The pain was slow to start with, then got worse as weeks went on. No one could tell me what was wrong with me untill i reached out to a specialist and had to pay to get something done about it. I had pain all over groin and down legs, which turned into damaged nerves due to doctors not fixing the problem and my body healed on it's own. Keep going to the doctors untill they solve your problem, just in case it is serious. Unfortunately you have to push if you want anything done these days with the health systems overwhelmed due to covid

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