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I have a burning scrotum and itchy and painful urination at all times 24/7 what could it be ?


I have a burning scrotum at all times I’ve been to 4 urologist

2 dermatologist

Obviously my primary numerous times

Paine management specialist

1 An allergist

1 rheumatologist

And 1 neurologist

2 therapist

And a suicidal hospital

It feels like I’m to close to a fire (that burning itching feeling with heat )

And my urination burns not an unbearable feeling but just annoying and not normal

My shaft feels like its sore all the time

And my penis tip (from the ring up ) feels like it’s rubbed raw and never heals

It all looks normal to drs


Oh and no stds or biopsys have come back bad

So no std unless it’s a new form no one has ever scene and no skin conditions that a dr could think of

Any suggestions please please reply I’m begging :(

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Well,my hubby suffers very bad itching in the same places you mention,but he is a very fit 76yr old. He says just the same drives him mad. He showers every day,so no problem there. He's tried no end of creams. What does help is the Antibacterial gel,that you would usually use for your hands,but it stings a bit when he first puts it on,but he says that's better than the itching.

Another thing he's trying at the moment,is no pants on for bed,allow some freedom. This seems to be working. He'd kill me if he knew what I was posting here😂

I will try some of the things You’ve said I’ve tried pretty much everything I could think of to no avail but thank you for posting :)

Does the pain get worse with long periods of sitting and activity? Have you suffered any injuries in the hip and thigh area? For my case, I had somewhat similar symptoms brought on by an injury to the iliacus and psoas muscles, resulting in irritation or compression of the genito-femoral nerve. This nerve can cause pain in the scrotum and pain on urination. My pain lasted 5 months as the problem was initially misdiagnosed, made worse by the fact that I was on anti coagulation medication and did not rest the affected muscles. Like you, I was treated for months by dematologists and urologists. Mediation included antibiotics and various types of painkillers (Lyrica/pregabalin works best for me). The whole experience was mentally distressing. Finally, the problem was discovered after an MRI of the pelvis. It took a further 8 weeks for the pain to resolve. Hope you find the cure to your pain soon.

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