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Hello from the USA. I have recently come out of a two year nightmare with pelvic floor dysfunction which affected my abdomen, hips, thighs, pelvis, groin - muscles, tendons, and connective tissue. I have written a book to lend support to others who are struggling to NOT GIVE UP and to educate the public on private issues that have been taboo to talk about. Amazon *** "Meet Me: A Journey Through Pelvic Pain" written by Amy Watkins. I hope you will find it useful and gain a release from your pain.

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Would the info in this book apply to men also? I'm almost two years in with some improvement but seem to be stuck at the moment. Not getting to the point of actually being able to sit and function normally, i feel like i'm close but can't get over this hump

HI Chance! I believe both genders will identify with not only pelvic pain but feelings of fear, sadness, and what's the point of all this? I really struggled emotionally as well as physically. It was a much longer journey for me than I thought it would be initially, but I learned to have courage, joy and renewal as I made my way out of the worst of it. By the way, have you tried magnesium tablets, high doses, and eliminated coffee? Amy

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