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PN/PNE questions- UK

Hi this is my first time to post here. I'm 23 and have had an issue with my pudendal nerve since I was 19 from rough rubbing by a former bf down below. Something happened and I felt an electric shock and I knew something was not right. I wasn't relaxed enough and was under alot of stress so I think was tensing my pelvic floor. Then the horrendous clitoral pain resulted pins and needles crawling sensation feeling like a razor was attacking me down below on both sides. One silly mistake has ruined my life forever I had no previous warning signs.

As time went on the pain moved to the perineum which I was happier about as it wasn't as personal and over the period of 2 years the pain got better every few months while on meds then I sat for a period of time without a cushion and the pain got so much worse. I then started PT and things improved with lower meds and could now bend etc but now I don't think i'm getting much better. So i've been back at the pain clinic and asking for nerve blocks or anything jjust feeling desperate.

The pain clinic aren't sure what to do with me and as I am from Northern Ireland I would like to be seen by a PN specialist such as Dr Baranowski. Would I be able to be referred to him via the NHS? Will I have to pay privately to see him because I am starting a job in january but would obviously need to save up. Now thinking I may have left it too late to have nerve blocks but I was scared of making it worse and didn't want a horrendous flare during my last year of uni

Also is my nerve trapped if it was caused by such a minor incident with no warning? I never got a chance at an adult life to fall in love get married or have kids don't feel like i've got much of a future.

Thanks xx

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Don’t give up hope, things can improve. Sounds like you’ve been doing all the right things so far. I believe you have the right to be referred to a specialist for the condition you have under the nhs constitution, but in practice this is getting harder due to the lack of funds in the nhs. But be persistent, give your gp all the details of who you want to be referred to and how they can do it. Persevere with the PT too, it can help so much but does take a long time. Take care.

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Don’t despair, you will fall in love and have Kids. It’s just a such debilitating condition and life seems like a constant pain. Don’t give up and keep asking for referrals, someone will be able to help, I’m sure


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