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Looking for advice

Hi I am looking for advice to replying to posts when I am replying I write so far and then I can't see what I am writing I don't know what button to press on to let the page go up up so you can see what you are writing I have tried most buttons and the page won't move and I press that many and up singing my self out and then I have got to reregister again I don't know if this makes any sense to you if anybody can help I would much appreciate it. Many Thanks. Janebee

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I know exactly what you are referring to. It also happens with my old Apple iPad. As I am writing this to you it is about to happen. As the above words are no longer visible to me, I must lightly touch the center of the screen while sliding my finger down. I hope this helps😊.



Hi that's great I will give it a try it is a pain you have got to stop all the time and look and see what you are write ad sometimes it's a lot of words that make no sense and then you have to start all over again thanks so much for your advice it's happening to me as I am writing this I have got stop and check I done what you told me and the page went up and as as I took my finger off it went back down there must be a way you can do it maybe someone else could give us some advice on how to do it if they see the post. Thanks. Janebee. Xx


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