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Cauda equina / pudendal nerve like symptoms following urethroplasty

I had urethroplasty surgery on the 29th of September. I had to wear a indwelling catheter for three weeks post-op, which I had removed 2 days early due to developing a UTI (removed 19th October). I am now on a course of antibiotics.

On the same day (19th October) I awoke that morning with numbness engulfing my genital area, including scrotum, my buttocks and tops of my thighs. Today I awoke with tingling numbness in my lower legs and two of my toes on the right foot.. My GP checked me over, also checked my anal tone (which was normal) but all things combined I can't really feel myself go to the toilet.

I spoke to the surgeons receptionist who assured me after receiving word back from one of their surgeons that this was normal, however I find this confusing as no other doctor seemed to be able to catch this. Not my GP, not the team at A&E.. no-one..

Can anyone shed any advice/insight into what might be happening and if this is indeed normal?

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Dear blakk293, I believe you meant to say that you had ureteralplasty, not urethralplasty (since you indicated that you have a scrotum). It would be extremely helpful to find out what kind of Anesthesia that you received throughout this procedure. You should ask for a copy of your surgical record.


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