Urodynamic test

Hi folks

I've been given an appointment for next week to have a bladder function test done, not sure wot to expect, has anyone had this done and is it painful.

Many thanks

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  • hi

    did you doctor not tell you what happens,i know some doctors seem to think you know! i have not had this type of investigation but i am sure someone on this board will answer you soon


  • I've been given a poorly printed step by step process sheet, almost impossible to read, I could go onto youtube but I was preferring and hoping someone had went thru it and could explain it to me, thank you for your help

  • Good luck! I’m sure it will go great, just the feeling to know what you’re dealing with is the best feeling 😄

  • I had one recently. Nothing much to remember. Measuring urine and then sitting on a seat to be measured again. Not invasive. Hope it goes well

  • I've had this done, they will ask you to empty your bladder while in a chair that will measure the flow and how much was in your bladder. They will then ask you to undress from the waist down. They will then put a catheter in to fill your bladder up, you will also have a catheter out into your bottom. They will then fill your bladder up and ask you to tell them, when you feel like you need to wee, then when you really need to go and then when you can not hold on to it any more. After that I was asked to stand and cough a few times. While still needed to go for a wee. After that they will remove the tubes and then ask you to sit back on the first chair so they can see how much you let out comparedto what they put in. They are ever so friendly as I was in tears when I went in. Good luck x

  • Thank you that has helped alot x

  • I had it done too recently. It doesn't hurt just a kind of sensation really. You have a catheter in your bladder and a small pressure probe in your rectum. These are attached to lines and they push in some saline (about a tablespoon each) so the pressure measurements are equal. Then they slowly fill your bladder by a drip as PinkyVness described while you sit on a toilet seat with a container underneath. All the measurements are done by computer via sensing lines. It's all very matter of fact and relaxed. The consultant and nurse specialist who did mine and I talked about Christmas (!). I felt a bit uncomfortable for 24hrs then ok. It has the potential to be embarrassing but they've seen it all and done it all before. I worked myself up into a frenzy beforehand but it was over in 20 minutes or so. You will be fine and the fact that you are having the test means they expect you to have accidents and wet yourself or worse!

  • Thank you x

  • Hi.

    Why is it recommended for you to have urodynamic testing? Incontenence?

  • Hi dfmmd.

    I am wondering what has happened to your post, inviting questions?

    Why did you not respond?


    Why was thread closed?

    Thank you


  • Mary please read the post I have put up which explains everything. Secondly any medical professional who wishes to post in a professional capacity should out of courtesy approach us as a charity firstly. Secondly as this doctor hasn’t provided their name we have no way of establishing if they are genuine or what the quality of their qualifications are. Lastly as a charity we have our own very well known and respected medical advisors on our medical advisory panel.

  • Yes I have incontinence and an overactive bladder, also I have 2 prolapses and this test has been requested by my specialist along with bladder and bowel scans before she decides if I need a repair

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