Slowly dieing

Vaginal mesh!! Pundental never damage !! Fibro !! Bed bound !! 11 years of Hell and I just turned 39! About to try cryo??? Has anyone had this done??

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  • I am the same....want it removed.....

  • Get it out!!! Everyday it's in your body your will get sicker and sicker!!!!! It's like a waterfall effect

  • I am so sorry for your pain and suffering. Truly there are no words, stay strong. I have heard and been doing research it seems this treatment works for many people I also know Of a couple doctors. Don't want to lose my connection here by advertising. I wish you the best and that you are released from this pain

  • I am so sorry for your pain and sufferings. I have not had Cryo procedure, but I pray that this will bring you relief but more than that complete healing. Be encouraged today as I pray with you.

  • No, my insurance denied it. I have had this for 4 years. It's horrible. Have you tried Lyrica? That has helped immensely. Best of luck.

  • I have been on or am taking every med you can think of including Lyrica, soma, gabapintin, Valium , Percocet , oxycodone 30mg, MS Contin , topamax and the list goes on.. I just want to wake up an not have to take a handful of pills to make it through the day!! I'm tired of being looked at like I'm crazy!! I pray, I pray all the time!! Maybe it's selfish, but I pray for not to wake up. I'm not suicidal , I leave my life in gods hands but I do beg for mercy an relief from this pain an depression. I am no longer anything but a bother to my family an children when I should be taking care of them, not them taking care of me . It's been this way since I was 30 an now I'm almost 40😖

  • Do you have mesh

  • I was due to have it but my insurance denied my coverage. They said it was experimental and they don't pay for that type of service. I'm not done with them yet. I hope you do well, let me know.

  • So sorry to hear this...

    Hoping your luck will change

  • I am the same..... I want my life back too....

  • You have mesh ? What kind? How long?

  • Just looking for someone to talk to , alone in my own world of pain no one really understands

  • I do it is hell, will pm you.

  • Sorry to hear about your suffering. Over hwd this for 4 years and I'm 38. I'm in the process of getting cryo done. Dr. Prologo in Atlanta is someone in seeing. I'm going for the diagnostic injection on 14th and God willing as soon as that works, I'll schedule myself for cryo. I know how desperate we all get and how much we suffer.

    I also did Radio Frequency which partially helped managed the pain for about 5 months... Thank you Lord. Now it's wearing off.