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Still in pain

I'm on co codamol and extended release 20mg morphine for my severe pain and I have been in this for a while and I'm still in so much pain it helped at first but it seems to be getting worse or my body has got used to these medications. I feel so bad as I have a little boy who's two and a half and I can't take him out as as I'm in alot of pain which I feel so guilty about. The doctors says I have severe nerve damage after several botched operations. What medications is every one else I'm?

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Probably consider adding a nerve pain drug such as lyrica or amitriptyline. Usually this combined with a low dosage opioid seems to be the cocktail a lot of people are on for severe neuropathic pain.

I am surprised the doctors are just treating you with morphine if it's neuropathic pain.


I am on Lyrica and it does help. You may want to go to Pain Management Dr as some Drs do not know correct dose to begin using Lyrica. It will not take care of all pain but will help. Rocky68


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