I survived UFE for fibroids it was the cannula that was agony

Went into hospital Sat for UFE for my fibroids was treated at Kings Oak private hospital on NHS. Dr put cannula in took about 10 mins I was screaming in pain & crying eyes out because it hurt so much, they walked out room & left me. Nurse told me to stop crying because I was stressing her out. Couldn't move right arm because of the pain but no-one cared. The UFE was a breeze didn't feel a thing was conscious throughout thought Dr was just taking lots of photos then he was done. Pain afterwards wasn't much although they took me off the morphine drip too early & I had to go most of the night without pain relief. When I said I was in pain about 3am it took them 3 hrs to bring painrelief. Felt very tired afterwards & for 3 days afterwards but tiredness & sleepiness are also side effects of the medications I was on. Fortunately persuaded nurse to remove cannula sunday because of the pain turns out my hand & wrist were swollen so I must of had some kind of reaction, not that the nurse cared. They also only checked my groin once afterwards & I only saw the DR during the procedure never saw he afterwards.My dad said he had better treatment in an NHS hospital. At least I'm home now just waiting to hear what happens next.

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  • Hi Cazza

    I'm sorry to hear of your experience - it can be very difficult for those who haven't a pain condition or haven't had an operation to sometimes sympathise at times. I'm not sure why. I don't like cannulas myself- I've had 16 operations for various medical conditions and only ever had one anaesthetist who was amazing and caused absolutely no pain. Now I ask to have an injection into the hand they will be putting the cannula in beforehand. I had the cream they use for children during operations when I was a child so I knew this wouldn't be a problem asking for an injection which I believe is lidocaine. It stings a little but is worth it as I feel no pain during the cannula insertion. Some anaesthetists don't like doing it as they claim it makes it harder to find a vein but others have been more than happy to do it. It isn't uncommon either to have some swelling once the catheter has been removed - the cannula has a quite large needle which is pushed into the skin and vein so some swelling would be expected. Either way when I've asked for it during my last 5 operations I've not been told no.

    Sometimes you don't see a doctor afterwards even in an nhs hospital - I've had 2 operations when the nurse reported everything to the consultant/registrar and a decision to discharge when carried out. This is usually done if there were no complications during or after surgery so I wouldn't worry too much about having the groin checked once. I hope you are feel a little better now, try not to worry and have a speedy recovery

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