First appointment with dr demello at manchester

Hi everyone,

My appointment date has arrived as I think I posted earlier and my other half asked me why I'm seeing a pain consultant as opposed to a gynea or neurologist. I told him that after speaking with my g p we decided to go here. Have I done things the correct way? Will dr Mello examine me or do tests. I have never had a diagnosis other than the pelvic floor physios opinion. Anyone been in the same position? I'm wondering and worrying that maybe not going down the correct line of treatment. My husband thinks I should have a diagnosis from some one first then go to pain management. As we all know with puedendal nerve it's a difficult journey. Any help from your experiences ?

Thank you .

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  • I was diagnosed by a pain consultant. He is a specialist in on so I'm sure he is the right person to see first. If he thinks you need to see any other specialists I'm sure he will refer you on. Hope this helps.

  • Hi sorry to hear about your problems with chronic pelvic pain and coccyx pain. Is the coccyx pain causing the pelvic pain or do you have 2 problems. has the pelvic pain been fully investigated by a gynaecologist? There are many causes of pelvic pain. Please see this article for more details about the causes of pelvic pain:

    as you can see there are many possible diagnoses

  • Hi and thank you both for your reply. I haven't had a gynea examination. I had an MRI and x Ray. Coccyx had fused and I have pelvic floor dysfunction and possible puedendal nerve neuralgia. I see a pelvic floor physiotherapist who does trigger point and myofaciol work. Have been doing so now for a year and it is not much better. It is no worse either. I cannot sit for nerve/coccyx pain and I have awful vaginal spasms and neuralgia. My g p said let's start with one thing at a time and so we chose dr demello a pain management doctor .

  • Hi. I believe Dr de Mello will possibly a) offer a proper diagnosis and b) advise / provide some form of treatment. Go see him, I think it will do you good to actually speak to a clinical expert in pelvic pain. Got to be better than seeing a GP who has no knowledge of the condition. I tried to see him last year but he was ill, I may try again.

  • Hi have been seeing Dr De Mello for some years now he will give the proper diagnosis then I was referred to mr Dixon in Bristol who is a pelvic area specialist and he did my surgery

  • Thank you all for your reply. It sounds as though I'm on the right path. It's a start anyway! I do appreciate all your input. Does he do an internal examination? Or is it other tests he will do ?

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