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Symptom relief

For over a year i had some mild pain in my perineum after I would masterbate. I believe it was from over masterbation but I have an addiction where its hard to go more than a couple of days without doing so. So I would do it anyways kind of ignoring the dull pain.

Last month I masterbated one day and it turned into severe pereneal pain with sciatica like pain down my groin and leg. It's better when i stand but my symptoms really flare up when I lie in bed at night to the point where i cant sleep.

Now I'm not saying this is a cure but I took 1 mg lorazepam one day and my symptoms improved by about 90%. Now I take .5mg in the morning and .5mg before i sleep and i can have some quality of life now. Really hot baths also seem to help. The problem is as soon as i stop lorazepam my symptoms get bad again. I cant take this stuff forever and need a long-term solution. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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be careful relying on benzodiazepines. they are addicting and after awhile you need more to get the same effect (at least in my expieence).

have you tried Amitriptyline? i started taking 10mg, then 20 and now 30mg about a couple weeks ago. at low doses it has shown to help with nerve pain. i think it's helping me- my pain went from an unbearable 9/10 to about a 5/6 now. i also take Tumeric everyday for inflammation.

have you also considered doing pelvic physical therapy? where do you live? i can ask my PT if she knows of anyone good in your area.

i've also been doing acupuncture and i'm looking into some other stuff. i'll post again if something new i discover works for me!


Armitriptyline should help to alleviate the nerve pain and anxiety.


Have you tried Physio for the sciatic pain? They should give you stretches to do several times a day.

Maybe they can help with the perineal pain too. Is it maybe to do with the positions you use? Perhaps held too long?

Those type of drugs helped relief low back spasm and then awful low back & sciatic pain I had on two occasions... relaxed pelvis area at night, to be able to rest... I needed a week of diazepam at night to begin to recover. went & Got it faster second time, and was moving again much quicker...

Good luck.


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