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Podcast on Pelvic Pain with Dr Ruth Jones

Hi, Dr Ruth Jones is a pelvic pain physiotherapy specialist in Southampton UK who in addition to seeing lots of female and male pelvic pain patients has written one of the key texts on Pelvic pain for Physiotherapists and other clinicians. Ruth has kindly agreed to do a podcast on pelvic pain aimed at giving patients more information . She has previously done some for Physiotherapists and has spoken on Radio 4 Women's hour about male pelvic pain. Ruth is very passionate about sharing her knowledge and making a difference to patients lives. If you would be interested in submitting a question to the podcast let me know. Many thanks Gerard Greene ( Birmingham based Pelvic Pain Physio) The picture is of Ruth in the centre with some of the physios she trained in pelvic pain management in the UK earlier this year.

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Thank you so much for your posts. I think most pelvic pain patients start off totally bewildered by what is happening to them and where to go for help. The NHS medical profession is clueless and not very helpful with treatment apart from medication. My experience is with pudendal nerve damage from prolapse surgery. Not even the consultant will accept the connection.

So my question would be...how can we educate the NHS medical profession on how to treat pelvic pain?

For many of us the private sector becomes unaffordable when working is limited and travelling is limited too. For me, an hours drive to and from a private physiotherapist 'undoes' all the good the 15 minute session has done.

Thank you for bringing solutions to us via podcasts and videos. Social media is a powerful tool to spread knowledge, and a lifeline to many in this maze of condition.


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