Hello:) Does pudendal neuralgia cause firmness? I had a big big bartholin cyst and during the time I had that cyst I had an MRN done, and it appeared that I have pudendal neuralgia. Afterwards I asked my doctor if the cyst could have made it appear so, he said he didn't know for sure. But the thing the cyst was really big but because I had vestibulectomy, we never really saw it. (it's incredible I know, but we thought vestibulectomy didn't work)

Anyway, my question is can a big Bartholin cyst can make the pudendal nerve appear damaged? Also, can PN or PNE cause hardness? Does "feeling of a foreign body or a lump" mean that you literally have a lump (hardness) or you just feel like you do?

(English is not my native language so sorry beforehand if it sounds complicated:) )

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  • If you just feel like you have a lump then I would say that is a nerve sensation. When mine acts up it feels hot, cold or wet sensation when it really isn't. A hard or firm area that can be felt could be a muscle that is contracted, as i was just treated for over the summer by a PT. Whether the muscles inflamed by PN or the nerve made the muscles react is not known and they seem to go together, if you have one the other tends to happen. I thought my PN would never calm down but thankfully it did. It took months.

  • Thank you so much for you reply! I'm so happy to hear some people are feeling better, it gives me hope:)

  • Are you still experiencing pain?

  • Oh and also, I have an actual lump where there is pain. So I believe it's more of a very very stonelike hard lump. Can muscle tension cause this?

  • If the lump grows in size, I would say no. But, there are so many muscles in the pelvis that can spasm or be contracted. I experienced both and yes had a hard lump or knot. All of this was left sided, which my therapist said the majority of cases are left sided.

  • Hi Rainy519

    I know this is an older post but can you share your symptoms? Ive had a neurologist say maybe a stretched pudendal nerve due to my delivery. I'm 5 months post delivery and still hoping this will heal!!!

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