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coccyx and heel support

Hello I am new on here but does anyone think that if they need and used a heel raise it might stop the pull on the sacral nerves and balance the muscles just a thought as I feel as though I need a heel raise as when I wear shoes with little egg stand heel about slightly less than 2 inches it seems to balance me and I have less pain any thoughts and anyone else finds this. I am supposed to have side bent coccyx into sacrum so impinging on sacral nerves.

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I think I have what you do. That's what it feels like, and i have a lot of nerve burning in that area. I cant imagine that a heel raise would do anything to help that, but hey, if you see real results, then maybe there is something to it.


Good morning. I also have this. My physiotherapist thinks it would cause more problems to put a lift in the shoe.. My right leg appears longer than left leg due to muscle spasms. I try to bend left knee slightly resting my arms on my dresser or tv( which is chest height). This takes tension off of the obturator/perineum muscles(straightens the muscle out which is in a ball like spasm) in right leg. This imbalance in leg is weakening the right leg so hamstring, calf, and achilles is super tight. Last night I saw a utube video on a kneeling lunge. I noticed the kneeling lunge elongates the muscle golf ball( Obteratur/ perineum muscles). Yesterday, I felt that golf ball softer and smaller since physiotherapy work. She does clock like twisting of those muscles internally. I think it is the only way to release them. When she works on them vaginally it's like the pain of a hammer hitting your finger. Rectally it's like a twisting rope like feeling which causes a knawing feeling and nausea response. You just have to get through it. At this point it's better to have that pain than the severe burning pain I felt prior to the three blocks. I will go to the gym today to find a weight machine to push to strengthen my legs. Preferably one you lie down to do. I also thought about lying down on the floor and putting my feet in my husbands hands and pushing against him while he pushes against my feet. Alternating my feet against his hands. Anything at this point to strengthen the leg before I trip and fall and break my hip. Boy wouldn't that be swell!! I woke up this morning with a goal for myself. I am going to run a half marathon. It may take a while to get everything back but I am not giving up. We need to set high goals for ourselves. I don't know if any of you have kids but if you set high goals for your kids then they will try to reach those goals. If you have low expectations than so will they. This is the thinking I need to have for all of this mess. Also, I am calling my insurance company on Monday. I made an appointment to get help from a medical office and they said sorry i don't deal with that problem. I explained everything to the receptionist prior to making that appointment. My insurance company should not pay for the bill and i should not pay for out of pocket expense. It should come out of the receptionist paycheck for not sending me to the right physician. I made the appt and asked for a physician to look at a prior MRI from another hospital and get a new exray to see if anything structurally is pinching on these nerves causing the leg discrepancy. I also wanted it done locally so u wouldn't have to sit in the car for the hour drive to Boston. We have to be our own advocates or we won't get better. Stay strong!! We deserve to get better. We have lots of living to do. Fight and get through it. My brother fell from a tree at twenty and broke his spinal chord. He was in his third year of college. I watched him rotated on a machine and endure extremely painful procedures and rehab for a couple of years. He used a catheter for seven years to empty his bladder . He has two rods in his back. He never gave up. He finished college and is successful. He looks like he is in pain when he walks but he tells me he is not. I have watched him remodel his house from top to bottom. Roofing, Windows, tiling, etc... We can get there too. Push through. Get your friends and family involved to help you. I have never asked for help from anyone. I had to let go and ask for help. I had to let my housework go and give up shuttling the kids everywhere. I had to say no to everything when I have to lye down and rest. As embarrassing as it is I had to tell my coworkers and get a kneeling chair. This happened to me. I did nothing wrong. I should not feel shameful. Peace everyone


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