Dr Robert info?

Hi all ,just wondering if anyone has recently been to see dr Roger Robert in Nantes France , to confirm a diagnosis of pudendal neuralgia or maybe not pudendal neuralgia , I would be grateful for any advice , because I can't seem to get any answers in the U.K

I did e mail him and he says I would have to see him first then see a dr Riant pan specialist and then after I see dr Riant see him again

So if anyone on here has been to see him and gone through this I would very much appreciate your help and advice ,

If you would rather private message me , that's fine

Thanks in advance!! Love EJ

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  • That should read pain specialist ( not pan specialist!)

  • HI you should first realise a neve blokade, because he (I've seen prof Robert in mai) needs more elements to determine if it is PN.

  • So how did he determine your pn?

    And what were the other elements to diagnosing your pn you mention ?

  • too long to explain here, do a google research using : nantes criteria"


  • Thanks , I have read that, I was asking I suppose on a more personal experience of someone who has been

    ( like are dr Robert and dr Riant at the same hospital?)

    I am in touch with dr Robert so I guess I will be better asking him

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