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Rectocele Issues

Hiya - this is my first post so please be gentle with me!

I have had the symptoms of Rectocele for a long time but my GP has, until now, chosen to ignore them. I am currently waiting for a follow-up with a general surgery consultant after a few weeks of extensive exploration of my colon.

At the age of sixty nine - almost seventy I am concerned that I may not get any help with this problem that is now affecting my life considerably and I am fast becoming a bloated recluse.

Does anyone else with this condition suffer, apart from the obvious symptoms, from bloating? Thank you in anticipation.

Nutty Grandma

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I heard rectocele symptoms resolve with pushing on the perineum during defecation; colon irrigations could resolve the bloating; surgery especially with a general surgeon I think should be avoided


I wouldn't think feeling bloated is connected with having a rectocele. You need to see a gynaecologist to confirm that it is a rectocele (if you haven't already done this) they will then advise if surgery is necessary as they normally do these procedures not general surgeons. Ask your GP to refer you.


I too just found out I have a rectocele, bladder prolapse and my uterus is pushing on my rectum making it hard to use the bathroom. This part is all new. I am 64. I have been suffering with ic pudendal neuralgia Vulvarynia and rectal pain. My coli rectal found it all out by doing a defography MRI. I am going to see gynecologists and get their opinion of what to do. I really don't want to do anything I am afraid I will end up in more pain.


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