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Restless feet

I have restless feet which know one can understand why it is I was born with it and as I approach my 67 birthday it is driving me mad. The only thing (which was prescribed to me a few years ago) that gives me any relief is pregablain but I'm like a zombie I sleep a lot my speech is soured feel like I'm on the early stages of loosing it. Is there something else I can take without the side effects as I'd hate to be walking the floors7 nights a week.

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Is this a neurological condition. Have you looked into acupuncture or nerve blocks. You could ask your GP to refer you to pain management services and discuss both treatments with them. All the best. Keep in touch if you need further support or advise.


I use Magnesium oil. Google it and it will tell you where to buy. I got mine on Amazon. Just follow directions on the bottle. My wife and I both have reckless leg syndrome. Once you get under control, you won't need to apply it every night. I sometimes go a couple weeks between using.


Yes absolutely! There is a product called CALM take two teaspoons with an additional Magnesium or two It may take a couple evenings but I have other ideas as well if this isnt working

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Thanks I'll try anything I'm at wits end.


Where can i get calm I've tried Holland and Barrett they never heard of it, tried amazon no good where else could I get it thanks


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