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SIJ Fusion?

Hi all. I've suffered SIJ pain and lower back pain for over 4 years since last pregnancy. I'm taking morphine daily along with diclofenac paracetamol and antidepressants.

IVery been getting more and more flare ups recently where I literally can't move for the pain. We've 5 kids and the youngest 3 are under 8 so I'm always on the go with school runs etc. However each flare up has left me in hospital for over ten days. I'm considering asking for my SIJ to be fused and just go for the wheelchair option to save the pain. Surely it's a better option than being in chronic pain all the time. I'd be able to do more with kids albeit from.a wheelchair. Has anyone had fusion done or have any experience of this at all? All help great fully received. Thank you x

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Have you researched prolotherapy and PRP though? Those seem to be the treatments people try here in America first before considering a fusion. I assume you've done tons of core exercises, butt strengthening exercises, and pilates to hold your s.i./pelvis stable? And that you're physical therapist has tried to put your pelvis into alignment?

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My pelvis is so unstable it knocks itself out of alignment almost as soon as physio finishes the session. Core exercises are difficult due to the chronic pain but I do try.


Prolotheraphy helped me in the ligaments near sacrum two rounds and my pain went away


Look into platelet rich plasma and prolotheraphy. I run a nerve group and no one who has ever had that done he's been better and still in pain. Pelvic floor physical therapist might help


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