Pelvic Pain Petition

Pelvic Pain Petition

Please sign this petition I started, it's so important to so many women and men. (UK residents only I'm afraid)

Please share as much as you can get it debated in parliament we need 100,000 signatures. Every signature counts. 

Thank you for your support.  We all know what this could mean for future treatment.

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  • I've signed it and posted in the central London endometriosis group asking them to sign, and also tweeted with the hash tag endometriosis uk.  Hope that is ok.  I'm sure others will tweet other charities or I'm happy to do it if others suggest charities or organisations

  • We now have 60 signatures!! The message is spreading!  A member on endo UK has shared to two other sites which is great. I've spread in various groups on Facebook, tweeted, tagged prof Khan who along with others is involved in pelvic pain in women, posted on Instagram with hashtags from various sources of pelvic pain affecting men and women

  • Fantastic! Thank you so much.  The more the merrier, share like mad everyone! Every little helps! 

  • Could I please suggest you make the UK charity " pelvic partnership" aware . Thank you

  • I certainly will, thanks for the info. Do they have a Facebook group?   Hoping to get to 250 this weekend.  

  • We are up to 206 so on target for 250 this weekend 

  • I have sent an email to them, hopefully they will  post on their FB group and share too. 😊

  • Thank you for the suggestion bc18. I will definitely spread the word their way

  • 75 and rising 😊  We need to get this petition discussed in parliament 

  • Only 9900 signatures needed, we've hit the 100 signature mark

  • Brilliant! Let's keep the momentum going....

  • Signed and will share!

    I'm a member of the site anyway and actually logged in to ask a question but saw this first. I'm a journalist and have been suffering for pelvic pain for almost a year now, having had a laparoscopy last week. As I know what this is like I'd love to cover this petition and have a chat with you about if possible? 

  • Fantastic, I'd love to have a chat.  I will send you a message. 

  • That's great publicity for the campaign!  Glad the message is spreading!

    Update - we have hit 203 signatures which is fantastic. The petition has only been up just over 24hours.  It we keep it up at this rate we will hopefully meet our target to get it considered for discussion in parliament

  • Signed and shared on Facebook, xc

  • We've hit the 250 mark!  Well done everyone and THANK YOU....lets keep it going...

  • Signed x

  • Thank you. We're over 350 signatures now. Keep spreading the word! 

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