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Sometimes We Fall

I wrote this for a friend of mine that had went through a rough patch in her life. She thought that because she had fallen, she was forever lost.

Now, more than ever in my life, I try to remind myself that I am only human.


Sometimes I am lost and sometimes I am found

Sometimes I soar and sometimes I fall to the ground

Sometimes my heart breaks and sometimes it swells with love

Sometimes I fell below and sometimes I climbed above

Sometimes I am scared and sometimes I face fear and win

Sometimes I crash hard and sometimes I get back up quickly again

Sometimes I over think and sometimes I impulsively decide

Sometimes I wish for an end and sometimes I smile because I'm alive

Sometimes I understand I am no different and sometimes I wonder why me

Sometimes I think the worst and sometimes I understand how much harder it could be

Sometimes I love and fail and sometimes I choose to not love and lost

Sometimes I hold on too long and sometimes I run away at all cost

There will always be a sometimes and none of us are without flaw

I mean we are all human after all

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Thank you for posting, I needed that! 

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Glad you liked it. I try my best to remind myself of that as much as possible. 

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I needed that too. Thank you so much for posting this.


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