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Hello I'm new

Hello I'm 30 when I was 10 and 13 I was ran over by 2 different cars (neither my fault which is wild)

I had a shattered pelvis and was the youngest child in the Royal in Belfast to have an external facatur holding my pelvis together while I was scrapped out with most of my bones broke

20 years on I have been diagnosed with global pain

Which is when you are so used to pain you will never be out of it

I have given up on the nhs as their tablets never work

I smoke canabis and drink alcohol to numb the pain

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That is what my husband said to me several times ..smoke some weed and relax and calm the pain. I am truly sorry for your constant pain. Really am.


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No one understands or cares I don't think ;(

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I find swimming and hot tubs helpful particularly salt water pools if possible. Have you had pelvic pt? You have been through so much. And you are not alone in this pain.

I had many a global diagnosis of pain by doctors. Ive learned doctors cant solve pelvic internal muscular or neurological problems. They are not trained do so. In my opinion.

Don't give up hope. Take one day at a time. Each pelvic therapist is different. Try as many as possible til you get nnay improvement. If you have not gone that route I recommend it. I was sent to one from my bottom of despair who started me on a path to healing however slow. Can be life changing.

My best to you.

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