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After 5 and a half months of pelvic floor PT I finally was able to get some relief and progressing nicely. However I overdid it this week and am so down because spasms are back full force tonite in my pubococcygeus muscle where my pain has been. Started back to the gym and obviously reaggravated myself. How do my fellow pelvic pain friends deal with flareups and setbacks? The emotional toll this takes is just as bad as the physical pain.

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Were you lifting weights at gym? Since PT helped get them to recommend gym exercises

I have had this problem six years. Even had coccyx removed as it was dangling and inverted. Thought that was problem. That was three years ago.

Went to new orthopedic Dr and had another MRI. They said I have levator ani syndrome with pudental spontaneous neuritis. It basically is spasms making it uncomfortable to lay or sit. You feel you need to go to bathroom when you lay down. Also have resulting sacrum pain.

Currently on Tramadol 50 for pain and .5 mg of Clonazepam so I can go to sleep.

Seeing pain specialist next week. Have had ganglion impar shot and PT neither worked.

I have accepted this will probably never go away so I just take necessary meds and try to stay active.

I plan to post again after I see pain specialist. I am fortunate not to have stabbing pain. Mine is pressure and spasms. You could ask Dr for anal valium suppositories to use at night. I tried them but prefer Clonazepam,

Check if you like for my post next week. Rocky68


I was lifting weights, low weight and more reps. Body pump class for an hour. Not exercising since that was my life before surgery has really taken me to a bad place. Hard intense workouts was my stress relief. Been an athlete my whole life.


You cannot treat this problem as something that has been cured. I have accepted it as a life changing condition. I also was very active. I do what I can most days but realize if I overdo it I will feel results. I just received response from another member that Botox injections had offered some relief. This person has had problem since 2006.

I will post on 10/21 it 22 to let members know what pain Drs recommend

I definitely believe lifting weights is not a recommended exercise

Try to look at some YouTube presentations to get an idea as to what others are experiencing with this condition. Rocky68


Hi, I think the answer is there. Don't over do it once it starts improving. Very gradually increase your exercise routine. It will only irritate the nerves again. Do you go to a pain management clinic - if not look into this as well, but don't go mad with the pelvic floor exercises. Try adding to your routine normal walking for a few minutes or swimming if you want to exercise more.

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Thanks. My job consists of walking all day long. I am in the medical field. I might have to think about swimming


I know exactly what you mean and do not have a clear answer for you. I experience the same thing on and off. It's horrible.


Anytime I use the gym I swim in the gym's saltwater pool and end releasing my muscles a full 20min in their salt water hot tub with very gentle stretches. Steamroom also has helped and sauna. When I get home I use ice in the affected area and take magnesium supplements as it is a muscle relaxer. It took me way!! too many years to bite the bullet and join the gym with the salt water pools and hot tub. Truly life changing as it gives me a place for a moment of peace when it seems impossible to find. The water has changed the quality of my life when I'm there and helps me be more active.. If you swim alot in chlorine the pts say to use some olive oil before/after on sensitive areas so they dont get dried out.


I will have to look into swimming


I have bipolar disorder and the levator ani syndrome makes it so much worse for me. I am barely hanging on. The levator ani syndrome destroyed my whole entire life.


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